Small Molecule mGlu5 NAMs For The Treatment of Depressive Disorders or Parkinson's Disease


The Vanderbilt Center for Neuroscience Drug Discovery (VCNDD) has a mission to promote the translation of advances in basic science towards novel therapeutics. They have recruited faculty and staff with experience at over 10 different pharmaceutical companies to ensure a diverse set of approaches, techniques and philosophies to advancing compounds. Together they aim to de-risk drug discovery programs.


About the Target

Metabotropic Glutamate Receptor 5 (mGlu5) has been linked to numerous different diseases in preclinical models. Some of these have been extensively studied, like Fragile X Syndrome, while others are developing as more promising targets. The two newer targets for their small molecule mGlu5 NAM therapeutics are:

  • Depressive Disorders (Pharmacol. Biochem. Behav. 2005, 81, 901)
    • Including Major Depressive Disorder and Treatment Resistant Depression
  • Parkinson’s disease (Neuropharmacology 2010, 58, 981)
    • More specifically attenuation of L-DOPA induced Dyskinesia (Movement Disorders 2011, 26, 1243)


Preclinical Candidate Status

  • Molecular Pharmacology
    • Excellent mGlu5 NAM functional potency
    • Fully competitive at the MPEP binding site
    • Excellent selectivity against other mGlu receptors
    • Eurofins PanLabs LeadProfiling Screen®: No significant responses noted at 10micromolar


  • Behavioral Pharmacology
    • Efficacy in multiple rodent models using IP and/or PO dosing
    • Clean profile in rotarod and Irwin screens


  • Drug Metabolism and Pharmacokinetics
    • Low clearance and good bio-availability in rodent and non-rodents
    • Good permeability and no efflux
    • Limited drug-drug interaction potential
    • No evidence of time dependent inhibition of P450 enzymes
    • Low predicted human clearance


  • Toxicology
    • Negative Ames test (+/-S9)
    • Clean profile in cell-based cytotoxicity assays
    • No hERG or other ion channel inhibition liabilities
    • Single dose MTD studies completed in rodent and non-rodents
    • Seven day DRF study in rats completed with no adverse findings

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The two compounds, which are competition and still in development, are based on the MPEP scaffold, which includes a potential liability of an alkyne group. Neither the lead nor backup series for the VCNDD’s program have this liability. They are derived from a different scaffold.


Basimglurant- Roche – Discontinued Fragile X Syndrome Trial and now have a Treatment Resistant Depression Phase II trial ongoing.


Mavoglurant – Novartis – Discontinued Fragile X Syndrome Trial and now have an OCD Phase II trial ongoing.

Licensing Contact

Tom Utley

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