Innovative Mobile App that Facilitates Self-Management in Diabetes

Vanderbilt researchers have developed the MyDay mobile app (iOS/Android) designed to collect, integrate, and provide feedback on a wide range of individual data relevant for diabetes self-management which allows flexible creation of data collection content, format, and timing.

Addressed Need
Young people with Type 1 Diabetes typically have a more difficult time managing their condition due to hormonal changes and competing demands such as school, work, and social situations. The MyDay app has demonstrated improvement in adolescent problem solving, self-management skills, and glycemic control. While other applications exist to track Diabetes related data, no other program is designed to target this group and integrate contextual and blood glucose data with a larger educational intervention.

Technology Description
This app is written in Ruby on Rails (v4.1) with a PostgreSQL database backend and communicates with third party API Tidepool.

Commercial Applications
This application can be used by adolescents who have sub-optimal Type 1 Diabetes adherences. In addition, families can use the system once to identify a problem or as new problems arise. It is also a useful tool for pediatricians to recommend to their patients for use in-between visits in order to evaluate issues.

Intellectual Property Status
Copyrighted software, know-how.

Licensing Contact

Masood Machingal

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