Bedside Disposable Endoscope


The Disposable Endoscope with Intrinsic Pneumatic Actuation (DEIPA) is a self-contained device intended for rapid diagnosis of the UGI tract. It consists of a user interface with a continuum manipulator architecture, steerable tip using parallel bellow actuators, and flexible multi channels catheter.   

The DEIPA is low-cost (< 80 GBP), intuitive to manipulate, and successful at achieving large viewing angles (βo-max = -17°, αo ranging from 0° to 360°) which are crucial for effective examination of the upper GI tract. DEIPA holds promise for non-traditional setting endoscopy with the potential to reduce cost and need for sedation.


- Bedside assessment of the upper gastro intestinal tract with no sedation needed. (e.g. esophageal varices screening, gastroesophageal reflux disease non-responsive to medical therapy, suspected upper gastrointestinal (GI) tract bleeding, and dysphagia, gastric cancer screening)

  • Decrease patient sedation-related adverse event.
  • Triage management tool to assess patient status.
  • Tool for gastric cancer screening program in low middle income countries

IP Status

  • US Patent Application Filed: US 20200015657A1
  • EPO Patent Application Filed: EP 3576596A1
  • China Patent Application Filed: 201780085425.9
  • India Patent Application Filed: 201917026449

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