Concept Submission Form

Welcome to the Concept Submission Form. This Form provides a means for a high-level review of your concept for commercial potential. Once a form is submitted, we will follow up with you within the next two business days to provide feedback and/or talk about the next steps. Should the concept look promising, CTTC will work with you to submit a more comprehensive disclosure that will be used as the basis for in-depth analysis and intellectual property protection. Inventions made in the course of research sponsored by the Government, a company, or a foundation should be disclosed via the Inventor Portal.

Concept Description
In a few sentences (500 words or less), provide a brief description of the Concept (Invention/Software/Idea, Etc.) to facilitate our evaluation for commercial potential.
Inventors / Contributors
Provide a list of all inventors and contributors of the Concept (those who helped create it and with whom you'd like to share royalty revenues).
Funding Information
All funding used as full or partial support during any stage of the research resulting in this Concept OR if you plan to acknowledge a funding source in a publication or grant progress report in which you describe this Concept, should be listed below.
Public Disclosure
Public Disclosure of your Concept may impact our ability to secure patent rights if a patent application is not already filed. Public Disclosure can include oral presentations, posters, journal articles, websites – anything that is made available outside of Vanderbilt in an unrestricted way.
Primary Contact
Who will be the primary contact between Inventors and CTTC?