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Vanderbilt University and VU Medical Center personnel who have conceived of a new idea, technique, design, software program, research reagent, medical device, or other invention should disclose it to our office using the appropriate disclosure form that most closely classifies your innovation. Please see the informational video below to help in determine which form to use.

Inventions made in the course of research sponsored by the Government, a company, or a foundation should be disclosed via the Inventor Portal below.  If you have questions as to whether your idea constitutes an invention or is ready for formal disclosure, you are able to submit the idea for quick review and feedback using the abbreviated Concept Submission Form below. Should the concept look promising, CTTC will work with you to submit a more comprehensive disclosure (using the Inventor Portal) that will be used as the basis for in-depth analysis and intellectual property protection.


Not sure if your concept is ready for disclosure, use this form. Login here to disclose your inventions.

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Answers to the most frequently asked questions regarding technology disclosure

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