Vanderbilt-Ancora Collaboration

Vanderbilt and Ancora Innovations are launching their second RFP this March 14th.  Ancora is a Deerfield company that will support Vanderbilt’s innovative translational research and leverage Deerfield’s expertise in accelerating state-of-the-art drug development. Ancora will fund projects with the aim of discovering novel therapeutics to cure life-altering diseases.

Deerfield is an investment firm dedicated to advancing healthcare, and to accelerating the translation of research in Vanderbilt faculty laboratories into clinical therapeutics. 

The first RFP, initiated last spring, resulted in two funded program that are well on their way in pre-clinical development. 

Through Ancora, Deerfield has committed up to $65 million in initial funding to support promising Vanderbilt translational research. This collaboration will provide operational support and may make additional capital investments into spin-off companies that emerge from Ancora projects that show commercial potential.  Therapeutics programs of all types are eligible for the collaboration, with particular interest in therapeutic antibody program. 

CTTC and Ancora, in conjunction with the Vanderbilt Office of the Vice President for Research, is hosting an information session to outline those aspects of proposals for the collaboration that the Vanderbilt-Deerfield Joint Operations Committee is likely to find compelling, and to answer any questions that researchers may have about the collaboration or the RFP process.  A great deal regarding project identification, evaluation and selection was learned through the course of the first RFP, and we expect this information session to be extremely helpful to Vanderbilt researchers considering applying to this RFP.  The information session will be held lecture hall 1220 in MRB III at 2PM on March 12th.