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MemoryMonitor: A real-time neuroscientific learning monitor that knows whether you will later remember something you see

We all wish that we could know if we were going to later remember something, the moment that new information enters our brain. For example, if we could predict whether our children would later remember a vocabulary word, then we could have them spend more time on the words they will not remember. A group of neuroscientists at Vanderbilt University has developed a way of measuring and analyzing brain activity that achieves this goal of predicting later memory as we study and view new information. The procedure involves measuring brainwaves from just two electrodes on the head as people view pictures, words, or virtually any kind of information that a person hopes to remember later.

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Masood Machingal


The Adventures of Jasper Woodbury: Videodisc-Based Adventures That Focus on Mathematical Problem Finding and Problem Solving Designed for Students in Grades 5 and Up

The Adventures of Jasper Woodbury™ consists of 12 videodisc-based adventures that focus on mathematical problem finding and problem solving. In particular, each adventure provides multiple opportunities for problem solving, reasoning, communication and making connections to other areas such as science, social studies, literature and history. Jasper adventures are designed for students in grades 5 and up. Each videodisc contains a short (approximately 17 minute) video adventure that ends in a complex challenge. The adventures are designed like good detective novels where all the data necessary to solve the adventure (plus additional data that are not relevant to the solution) are embedded in the story. Jasper adventures also contain ""embedded teaching"" episodes that provide models of particular approaches to solving problems.

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Janis Elsner


Play Nicely -- Violence Prevention Program for Pre-School Children

Play Nicely is a video series developed by a professor of pediatrics for parents of and for teachers and day care providers who are responsible for pre-school age children. The video series offers advice on how to deal with anti-social and violent behavior among pre-school children and the best methods for modifying such behavior.

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Peter Rousos