Agriculture: Control of Insect Populations via Wolbachia or Bacteriophage Tools

Technology Description

The insect microbiome is a rich resource that can explored to control insect reproduction and insect populations at large.  Vanderbilt University has a collection of technologies available for such purposes, including bacteriophage therapies, Wolbachia genomic editing techniques and tools, and transgenic insect approaches.  Please select the link for the application of interest to you (human disease control, agriculture, or animal health) for additional information.

Commercial Applications

  • Reduce infectious disease transmission from mosquitoes to humans
  • Crash populations of pests harmful to food crops
  • Crash populations of pests harmful to livestock.
  • Gene drive - promoting the spread of desired traits in specific arthropod populations.

IP Status

Patent applications have been filed.

Licensing Contact

Cameron Sargent

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