The Adventures of Jasper Woodbury: Videodisc-Based Adventures That Focus on Mathematical Problem Finding and Problem Solving Designed for Students in Grades 5 and Up


The Adventures of Jasper Woodbury™ consists of 12 videodisc-based adventures that focus on mathematical problem finding and problem solving. In particular, each adventure provides multiple opportunities for problem solving, reasoning, communication and making connections to other areas such as science, social studies, literature and history (NCTM, 1989; 1991). Jasper adventures are designed for students in grades 5 and up. Each videodisc contains a short (approximately 17 minute) video adventure that ends in a complex challenge. The adventures are designed like good detective novels where all the data necessary to solve the adventure (plus additional data that are not relevant to the solution) are embedded in the story. Jasper adventures also contain "embedded teaching" episodes that provide models of particular approaches to solving problems. These episodes can be revisited on a "just-in-time" basis as students need them to solve the Jasper challenges. Each adventure is designed from the perspective of the standards recommended by the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics (NCTM).

About the creators

The Jasper series was developed by the Learning Technology Center of Vanderbilt University’s Peabody College of education and human development. The Jasper series was the culmination of several years of effort to create enriched learning environments that foster the development of mathematics problem-solving skills.

Vanderbilt University is a major research university for education in science and math learning, special education, and gifted education. For 2014, U.S. News & World Report ranked Peabody the No. 1 graduate school of education nationwide, Peabody's fifth consecutive year in the top spot. For more information on our programs visit, Peabody website

How does it work?

Each Jasper episode contains three (3) CD-ROMs (story disc, teacher disc, and teacher manual disc)*. 
Details on how to use Jasper are outlined in the teachers’ manuals. A central activity is sharing a common context by initially viewing the video adventure, followed by participating in activities to solve the challenge posed at the end of the episode.
Viewing is usually done as a whole-class activity; then students solve the problem individually, in small groups, or as a whole class.
The Jasper video, however, can be used for much more than the one challenge presented in the episode. The adventure provides a context for extending the materials beyond mathematics into other curricular areas.
Available for PCs running Microsoft Windows (including Windows 7).  MAC OS X IS NOT SUPPORTED  at this time
*All video content is integrated into the CD-ROMs.  No videotape or DVD is included with the CD-ROMs (despite a Teacher's Manual misprint).

Example of one Episode

Complex Trip Planning 1: Journey to Cedar Creek

Additional Details

Please refer to this Excel spreadsheet for information about how students are engaged by each episode.

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