Tech transfer efforts featured in Reporter

It's not every Friday morning you arrive to work to see a glowing article about the effort and successes of your colleagues in VUMC's newspaper, but that's just what happened this morning.


On the front page of the March 29 edition of The Reporter, CTTC was praised for its hard work and effectiveness in helping transfer ideas and inventions to the marketplace. Recent partnerships with GlaxoSmithKline, Bristol-Meyers Squibb, the Michael J. Fox Foundation, Parker Hannifin, and AstraZeneca are higlighted, as is the importance of collaboration - between departments, between academia and industry, and with other not-for-profit institutions.


That last point is critical. Collaboration brings different perspectives to the table and can strengthen the innvoation or idea. It puts the right partners in place to move an innovation forward. It helps drive the commercialization process. And it fosters partnerships that can lead to additional research opportunities.


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