Success! Vanderbilt startup InvisionHeart hits milestone

InvisionHeart, a young Vanderbilt startup, has secured funding and, this week, signed a license agreement with Vanderbilt University regarding the technology that underlies the company’s business.  That is what we like to call a great success!

Josh Nickols, Ph.D., CEO and cofounder of InvisionHeart, signed the licensed agreement less than a year after forming the company and just a few months after completing the rigorous 14-week JumpStart Foundry accelerator program. InvisionHeart was one of just eight companies selected for the program.  Its success in the Jumpstart Foundry program helped it to raise necessary funding from local angel investors.

Throughout this past fall, Nickols has discussed the technology with a number of physicians, clinics, hospitals, pharmacy systems, and other providers that have a need for 12-lead EKGs.

“The response has been overwhelmingly positive,” Nickols said. “If there’s one thing we really wish, it’s that we had the technology available today so we could put it inside the hospitals and clinics.”

Josh Nickols, Ph.D., signing license agreement with Vanderbilt