New Venture News: InvisionHeart selected to Jumpstart Foundry class of 2013

InvisionHeart, a Vanderbilt spinoff based on a wireless ECG system, has been selected for the Jumpstart Foundry Class of 2013. InvisionHeart will be led by Josh Nickols, Ph.D., MBA and will participate in a 14-week, startup accelerator program.  

The technology was developed by Franz Baudenbacher, Ph.D., associate professor of Biomedical Engineering; André Diedrich, M.D., Ph.D., research professor of Medicine and Biomedical Engineering; Susan Eagle, M.D., associate professor of Clinical Anesthesiology; Rene Harder, Ph.D. candidate in Electrical Engineering, and Jonathan Whitfield, M.Eng., biomedical engineer.

This is turning into a stellar year for InvisionHeart. In April, the company was the winning technology in the annual Tech Venture Challenge. This competition challenges Vanderbilt students to develop and present commercialization plans for Vanderbilt-developed technologies.

More than 125 companies from around the country applied; only 10 were accepted. The 2013 program begins May 19 and will end with a day of presentations to investors later in August.