New Patents: May wraps up with 5 newly issued patents

May proved to be rewarding month for Vanderbilt inventors with five patents issued. The list of newly patented technologies include technologies from a variety of fields such as engineering, healthcare IT  and drug discovery. The technologies do everything from detecting shooter locations from an aircraft to screening for anaphylaxis. Learn more about these technolgoies and other recently patented innovations by clicking on the links below.



8,445,661              Isolated Staphylococcus pseudolugdunensis polynucleotides 

8,445,217              Free solution measurement of molecular interactions by backscattering interferometry 

8,444,683              Apparatus and methods for optical stimulation of neural tissues 

8,436,019              Sulfonyl-piperidin-4-yl methylamine amide analogs as GlyT1 inhibitors, methods for making same, and use of same in treating psychiatric disorders 

8,434,524              Elastic hydraulic accumulator/reservoir system