Medical Products Support Services (MPSS)

Launched in May 2014, Medical Products Support Services assists engineers, physicians, scientists, and other faculty investigators who are working to bring innovative medical products out of their laboratories, and progress them toward the marketplace. MPSS is part of Vanderbilt’s Center for Technology Transfer and Commercialization (CTTC). The MPSS team provides free assistance to Vanderbilt investigators in two areas: the Medical Device Regulatory Affairs Program (MDRAP), and the Medical Products Development and Commercialization Program (MPDCP).


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MPSS can help you understand the regulatory requirements for your product

MPSS helps with regulatory submissions and facilitation of communication with regulatory bodies

MPSS resources and services for supporting development and manufacturing efforts of medical products

Find out how MPSS can support the commercialization of your medical product

MPSS provides education and training in many topics related to medical products

Helpful resources for individuals involved in R&D of a medical product