Meet our new Faculty Advisory Committee

A team of more than two dozen Vanderbilt faculty have graciously agreed to serve on the 2013-14 CTTC Faculty Advisory Committee (FAC). Led by Ken Holroyd, Medical Director of CTTC, this group of researchers and inventors will convene quarterly to provide direction and input to CTTC as we explore new ways to serve the Vanderbilt community, improve existing practices, and develop new processes and procedures. While guidance is a large part of the FAC’s role, we also look to them to give feedback from our inventors about things we are doing well and ways we might improve.  The FAC also enables CTTC to channel information back to other researchers and faculty members.

By engaging our faculty in this regular committee-style, collaborative meeting, we have been able to get real-time feedback from the people we serve. We’ve gained valuable insight that has positively directed and impacted decisions on our Center’s operations. And we’ve been able to engage with our research community more directly.

To learn more about our Faculty Advisory Committee, and to see who is serving during 2013-14, click here.