KIYATEC signs deal, will explore potential of Vanderbilt technology

Vanderbilt University signed an option and limited license agreement with KIYATEC, a company dedicated to commercializing 3D cell culture technologies. The deal gives KIYATEC the right to explore the commercial potential of low-cost, small-volume, metering peristaltic micro pumps and micro valves developed in the lab of John Wikswo, professor and director of VIIBRE.


The Rotary planar peristaltic micropump (RPPM) and Rotary Planar Valve (RPV) can be utilized either as a stand-along device or incorporated into microfluidic subsystems for research instruments or miniaturized point-of-care instruments, Lab on a Chip devices, and disposable fluid delivery cartridges. A key advantage of the pump is that it can deliver flow rates that are roughly 1/10th the cost of stand-alone commercial syringe and peristaltic pumps. Read more about it here.