Flash Pitch '14 draws strong startup ideas

Nine Vanderbilt students will pitch their startup ideas before a panel of judges, Wednesday, April 9. The students were selected through Flash Pitch '14, a student startup idea challenge hosted by CTTC. The students selected to pitch are: 

  • Tate Travaglini
  • Ashley Schuering  
  • John Boyd
  • Thomas Goodman 
  • Miles Schimmel (2)
  • Marco Tiburcio 
  • Michael Elder 
  • Ravi Atreya 
  • Nishant Badal 
The students will now deliver a "flash pitch" at a Qualifying Event, April 9. Pitches will be heard by a panel of judges – entrepreneurs and investors. The top three will receive support from CTTC New Venture’s Team in moving their idea through the business planning phases as they prepare to launch.