Collaboration between Vanderbilt and startup Femtometrix leads to exclusive deal

An innovative wafer inspection tool developed by a team of Vanderbilt professors and engineers has been licensed exclusively to startup company Femtometrix. The semiconductor wafer-inspection technology based on laser optics was invented by Norman Tolk, Ph.D., professor of physics, Michael Alles, engineer for Vanderbilt University’s School of Engineering, and Ron Schrimpf, Ph.D., professor of electrical engineering.Femtometrix Signing

Femtometrix has built a prototype instrument that was tested at UCLA. Femtometrix is currently in talks with various potential customers and is exploring additional joint venture partners. It is anticipated that the inspection tool can be implemented as an in-line system in a manufacturing environment.

Researchers at Vanderbilt and Femtrometrix engineers continue to collaborate in the commercial development of a system based on the technology.

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