BIO 2012: The right people, the right time

When you put the right people in the right place at the right time, great things are bound to happen. Today, a group from CTTC (pictured right) returned home from a week at the BIO international Conference held in Chicago and shared that exact sentiment with the rest of our team. The trio met with dozens of industry professionals that expressed great interest in the Vanderbilt innovations being showcased - everything from cancer imaging agents to therapeutic compounds, genetic-based diagnostics to Biovue, a massive DNA databank that is tied to de-identified patient data and is unique to Vanderbilt.


It's no secret:  Commercialization of innovation is our mission. We want to transfer these innovative ideas and technologies to society.  But whether or not the folks we met at BIO lead directly to new partnerships or agreements,  what matters today is that connections have been made. These connections will help us strengthen our programs in personalized medicine and the development of innovative technologies, as stated by one of our analysts. And these connections have opened the door for possibility.