Team Filtergraph selected for NSF Innovation Corps

Vanderbilt’s Team Filtergraph is headed to Michigan to participate in the National Science Foundation Innovation Corps Program. Filtergraph is a dynamic, web-based portal that allows users to sort and manage large data sets. Key features include:

  • It’s fast. Data sets with up to three million points can be plotted in two seconds.
  • It’s easy to use. Filtergraph boasts a powerful web interface that lets users create scatterplots, histograms, and tables.
  • It’s interactive. You can drag, point, spin the graphs, etc.
  • It’s dynamic.
  • It’s easy to share. Users can download images to various file formats and share them with colleagues around the world.

“We have more than 200 people in 28 different countries using Filtergraph,” said Burger. “Projects range from NASA space telescopes to soil collection in Bangladesh.”

The team, consisting of Keivan Stassun, professor of physics & astronomy, Dan Burger, research assistant, and Rigved Joshi, CTTC manager of new ventures, will participate in the six-month accelerator program and identify commercial opportunities for Filtergraph. 

“There are discoveries still waiting to be made, across all different areas of science and engineering,” said Stassun. “Once people realize that with these tools they can make these kinds of powerful, visual discoveries with data, we could actually create a paradigm shift in the way research is done with large data.”

Filtergraph is the second Vanderbilt team selected to participate in the NSF I-Corps Program. In the fall of 2013, Team EndoInSight entered the accelerator.

To learn more about Filtergraph, click here. Or watch the short video below.