3DMD SmartCasting System


Vanderbilt University researchers have  developed a new approach to corrective serial casting, particularly for the treatment of clubfoot, that produces a custom fit to patient anatomy and therapeutic need.


Addressed Need

As it stands, patients diagnosed with clubfoot need to travel to a trained orthopedic surgeon for ever casting necessary. As this is a very specific area of study, patients may need to travel far distances to see a specialized doctor. This constant trip inconvenience limits the frequency of casting that can be more beneficial to the patient.


Technology Description

The system is comprised of a smartphone based imaging platform, a scoring sleeve, analysis software, and predictive casting algorithm. The system is very user friendly equipped with guidance steps for accurate capture of each component of clubfoot deformity. Using an ordinary smartphone camera, the analysis software can classify the extent of each deformity. With that, the predictive casting algorithm can model the subsequent therapeutic state for future casting. These features provide a  patient specific cast that in turn provides greater comfort and convenience for the patient.


Technology Features

  • Smartphone based imaging platform
  • Predictive casting algorithm for accelerated future casting
  • User friendly and convenient
  • Increased accessibility
  • Accelerated casting for current state of deformity


Intellectual Property Status

A patent application has been filed.

Licensing Contact

Yiorgos Kostoulas

Tech ID:
Medical Imaging